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You may not have time updating your website but we can. Our professional will send you reminders and maintain your website in mint condition.

  • Website maintenance starts at $ 249
  • Deliver fast, secure and seamless users experience
  • Keep your website accurate and up-to-date
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


With our website maintenance services, we’re helping businesses all across the globe and
providing them security and improve the performance of their websites on monthly,
hourly or after-hours maintenance that your company ever wanted.


With regular website maintenance, we also update Google Captcha, Google analytics integration, full website back-up, WordPress, Plugins and much more…

Update products
& services

With website maintenance you can keep your products and services price updates and streamline the customers shopping experience.


Your activity report has inspection screenshots, recommendations and technical advice in simple words so that you can understand the activity report fully.

How it works?

1. Protect

We ensure that the website codes, databases and credentials are completely secured and safe.

2. Update

Our professionals make sure that all the updates to the website are completed and ensure that they are living in less than the next 48 hrs.

3. Report

Our customer friendly team will be in touch with you and they will keep you posted about the progress with detailed reports every month.

How much does it cost?

for website maintenance

We’ve a variety of website maintenance packages that will help to
improve your website overall performance. You can reach us any
time we’re available 24/ 7 support.


Regular update is a must and it keeps your website fresh and it not only saves you from hacking attack but also drives quality traffic to your website.

Get in touch with us today! To get a detailed quote and the expected ETA. One of our customer-friendly executive will be in touch with you soon.

Most of the things are covered under our website maintenance packages including, content placements, plugins, forms, database, backup and more.

  • Depending on your type of chosen packages. You can request as many as changes provided it fits under the number of hours, we spent each month on a specific package.
  • If your work needs additional hours of work in a particular month, in that case the additional hours are invoiced separately at $ 35 per hour.

Normally it takes less than 48 hours but sometimes it takes more. In this type of case we will notify you in advance about the expected time frame to complete the assigned work.

It depends on the type of platform and the complexity of work involved in your web maintenance. Our standard website maintenance package starts at $ 249 / month.

Yes, you can cancel one month advance notice is required.

Website Maintenance

It is must and it starts from $ 249/ month